Sip fresh-squeezed juice and search the markers outside.
The Orange Patch Too has something to hide...
Ruby Rush! (Race to find these rubies currently hidden in your area!) 
Colored dot indicates status of the ruby(s). Prizes vary randomly - are you feeling lucky?
You can get rubies FOUR ways!
Find Rubies hidden in your town
See the "Ruby Rush" section to the left. Hurry - there's only one prize in each location! As soon as someone redeems the ruby, we'll take it off the list and go hide another one, so keep checking back! These rubies have different values, so you never know how many you will find! Are you feeling lucky?
Ruby Shoppe!
Spread kindness, get rubies! 
Complete the following tasks, send photo proof, and get rubies (and that warm, fuzzy feeling!)
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Get rubies with these great summer offers! 
From great food to scenic views to indoor activities, our area friends have you covered!
Send us your receipts, etc by clicking on the "contact us" page, or emailing
Kick back on a hot day and enjoy anything on the menu. You'll love the open, modern atmosphere and unique farm-fresh dishes! Snap a picture of your receipt and send it our way!
Random Flowers!
Bake for the Elderly!
Enjoy any pizza at this cozy, hidden pizza and wine cafe! Stone tables, sultry lighting, and an eclectic vibe mark the perfect setting for a rustica pizza and a glass of wine! Send us a picture of the receipt!
Party for Charity!
Don't be shy! Buy three nice flowers and hand them out to random passersby. (Send us three pictures - one of you with each surprised recipient - for your rubies!)
Bring home-baked goods to a retirement home. (Snap a pic in front of the building with your yummy gift and a worker from the home and send it our way to get your rubies!)
Charge at least 3 friends $10 for "admission" to a movie night, ladies' or guys' night out, or party. Donate the $30+ to any charity on our "contributions" page. (Send us a pic of the confirmation page or receipt.)
Shake it up! Think it's too hot to get a fun, bragging-rights style workout? Think again! Climb at friendly Phoenix Rock Gym on University & burn crazy calories! Send us your receipt w/visible date!
Earn Rubies and have FUN!
This is likely our most hair-brained idea! Get out in your community and put smiles on others' faces by completing the wacky and kind tasks in the "Kindness" boxes to the lower left. Pictures will go on our website or Facebook pages, with your permission of course!
Visit Businesses in your town
As locals and previous Concierge experience, we can back up our local suggestions. Live outside the box and become a tourist in your own town - check out these area "gems" (in the yellow boxes below). Some require small purchases, while others simply require a look around!
What do rubies do?
They get you extra clues for your hunt - for FREE! Redeem them as you go and we'll keep track of the number you have available. Different treasure hunts will require different numbers of rubies for free clues. There is always something to do on this fun-filled page!
Return our rubies to us!
If you find rubies in town, you will earn an extra ruby simply by returning our ruby! Go to our "contact us" page for instructions and our address.
Spend a hot day in the cool air paying respect to some of our community's bravest at the Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum! Send us your receipt w/visible date!
For a limited time: 
Like us on Facebook and receive TEN rubies!
Click on the "promotions" button from our Facebook page. If you have already liked us, simply click "unlike" and click on the promotions button to re-like our page. This will prompt the delivery of your rubies! It only takes a few seconds!
Red ruby: worth between 1-9 rubies. COMMON
Clear gem: worth 10, 15, or 20 rubies. RARE
Silver token: worth 25 or 50 rubies. VERY RARE
Which will you find today?