Though the wind may not be at your back, the rules of the game are simple...

        1. You must register for the treasure hunt of your choice. Register for a specific hunt from our "events" page. 

        2. When the countdown reaches 00:00, the first clue cards will be sent to the email address you provide during
        registration. You will also receive hints that will lead you to the other clues necessary to find the treasure.

        3. Each game consists of clues, which lead you to the treasure's location. Half of the clues are included with your 
        registration. The additional clues may be acquired for purchase or by trading in rubies (read below). Rubies can be
        earned or found (scroll down this page or visit our "rubies" page for more details!). The game can be played without 
        rubies, but the additional clues sure are helpful! 

        4. If you figure out the treasure's location and find the sacred compass first, the treasure is yours! If you are one of 
        the runners up, you will receive the next prize if the event's page states there are multiple treasures for that event.

        5. Have a great time! Sign up for as many adventures as you can to increase your odds of winning real cash treasures!

Prizes will be awarded in person by Compass Rose representatives. The sacred compass may be returned at that time, along with verification of age ...and maybe a little quote or picture that we can use on our site (optional, of course!)

Some games will require you to participate in a local event, perform a good deed, check out delicious fare at a hidden culinary gem, or trek out to a local hiking trail to uncover a clue - you never know! Be adventurous and have fun on your journey! Some proof of participation may be required, but your clue cards will tell you all you need to know!
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The Broken Tablet - Half the clues are provided to you at the beginning of the game. The other half may be earned, found, or traded with rubies.

The Snake - You receive the first clue, which leads to another clue, until all the clues are found and the treasure is claimed. Additional clues can be acquired with rubies.


Rubies are Compass Rose's currency. Compass Rose hunts can be played without the use of rubies, but rubies can be traded for additional clues that are incredibly helpful! 

There are FIVE ways to get these valuable little gems!
1. Rubies are hidden throughout your city. Our "rubies" page lists their locations.
2. Rubies can be earned by performing additional tasks listed on your clue cards and on the "rubies" page.
3. "Like" us on Facebook to earn ten starter rubies!
4. Help our local economy and take advantage of the great offers on our "rubies" page.
5. If you find rubies in town, mail them back to us and receive another free one!

To redeem rubies: If you find hidden rubies in town, email us the serial number by pushing one of the "redeem rubies" buttons throughout our site. Save them to use for valuable clues! Rubies can also be saved for future games.

Age, Location, Difficulty

Participation ages: Many of our hunts are appropriate for all ages, but you must be 18 or over to register and to receive prize money. Occasionally we will include an adult-oriented event in a hunt, but this will be described on the specific event's registration page.

Locations: Easier missions will be concentrated within one area of a city (some driving may be required between destinations), while the moderate ones venture out to a 50-mile radius and the difficult ones may take you anywhere in the state for a more challenging, rewarding adventure!

Difficulty: Our moderate and difficult hunts are within many people's ability ranges, but they do require a mix of intelligence (to figure out clues), knowledge, physical ability, interpersonal skills, and a sense of adventure to complete all the tasks needed to uncover the clues. The first couple clues will always be easiest, so even if you can not proceed to the next clue at any point, you still had fun and will have that much more experience when you try future hunts! Tasks are designed to be challenging, but FUN! Difficulty is described on each event's registration page, but we won't go into too much detail - the element of surprise and adventure would be jeopardized if we said TOO much!


Each game and ruby rush will show a status that lets you know whether the ruby or any of the treasures have been found. GREEN means the rubies or treasures are all unclaimed, AMBER means at least one of the treasures has been claimed but there is still one or more out there, and RED means they've been claimed, but hurry and register for the next hunt to secure your spot to win your share of Compass Rose treasure, as some events have a limit on the number of contenders!
Gold Nuggets (facts about the Treasure Hunts!)
Follow the game rules and master the hunt!