Grand Entrance - May 05, 2020
Difficulty: Easy

Format: Broken Tablet

Registration: $8 per participant

Registration begins: April 1, 2020!

Appropriate for: Ages 18+. Children may accompany an adult but participant must be 18+ to register and to receive treasure prizes.

Supporting: TBD
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CURRENCY COVE                 Current info for this event!
Value started at $60 on 1/1/2020
​Treasures gain value as participation increases.
Treasure Value:
Congratulations on registering for your journey with Compass Rose! This game consists of six total clues that lead to the treasure. The "broken tablet" format of this game means that you will receive half of the clues. The other half may be acquired with rubies at the bottom of this page. You do not need to purchase all of the clues to win the hunt, but they sure are helpful!

At midnight, the morning of Saturday, August 17, 2013, the race will begin and you will be emailed your first clue to where the treasure is hidden. In this email, you will also receive hints to where the other two clues to the treasure can be found. Uncover all three clues to learn the location of the hidden treasure. If you are the first fearless adventurer to find it, the treasure is yours! Until then, stay posted on the dollar value of the prizes hidden in your town, and please check out the offers from our local business partners that were emailed to you in our registration newsletter, as well as some great information on the non-profit organization we will be supporting with proceeds from this treasure hunt. This game will remain in play until the treasures are claimed, so sign up even after the start date (as long as the status shown above is green or amber) to win your share!

Mummy's clue!
15 rubies
15 rubies
Ranger's clue!
Professor's clue!
15 rubies 
ALREADY REGISTERED? Read below for game play information and to get rubies and clues!
Additional Clues to the Treasure!
Game Status: Treasures unclaimed!
Whose hints will help you find the treasure? Our mummy can be temperamental from being wrapped so tightly, but our steadfast ranger gets exhausted from all his travels! Our professor is intelligent and experienced but he CAN be a little bit mischievous... take your pick! They have all created one clue that will help lead you to the treasure!

Don't feel like trading valuable rubies just yet? You can also earn FREE rubies! Your first clue will provide you with ways to earn free rubies, and there are also some hidden in your city! Stay tuned to our "Rubies" page for clues to their location. You never know when they might pop up! If you have already earned or found free rubies, email us the serial number of the rubies you received (if you have not done so already) and we'll add them to your account!
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