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Stay in town for your next adventure and visit local hidden "treasures" that your city has to offer - all while competing with other contenders for one of the real cash treasures hidden at the end of the quest! Compass Rose continually hides its sacred compasses - and we may be hiding them in your area!

Our treasure hunts are great fun, interesting, interactive, and engaging! Register for as many hunts as you want! Earn rubies to "spend" on additional clues by completing fun tasks and visiting unique places! Support charities, spend a fun day with your family or spouse, or compete with friends - all while racing toward the cash prizes awaiting the best contenders!
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Community. Charity. Adventure!
Ahoy, treasure hunters! We may be in this for a good time and to bring our community together but rest assured that Compass Rose offers an unforgettable journey and loads of fun for our contenders! Earn rubies by doing good deeds! Win additional clues! Consult our mummy, professor, or ranger for guidance! Challenge yourself and your friends! Real cash prizes await those who dare to complete the missions, and the clues and "ruby rushes" will lead to incredible food, culture, fun, challenges, games, and puzzles. Our easier hunts last one to three days (after all, we know you may have work schedules) and award smaller prizes, while our moderate to difficult ones can last for weeks, offer large treasures, and will challenge you to use a combination of different skills. Solve riddles and clues, visit new places, read maps, accept new challenges, conquer obstacles, and just add some spice to your life! At the end of each treasure trail, our most valiant and persistent rangers will discover a sacred compass that is the winning ticket to the treasures listed in the Currency Cove section on the event's web page. Visit our "How it Works" page to learn about the games and check out our "events" page to see which upcoming ones we will be hosting!

You can't find a better way to challenge yourself and your friends to get out and be active in your communities than by participating in one of our treasure hunts! We invite you to read through the rest of our site and check out our "rubies" page for ways to immediately start earning these valuable gems that can be used toward ANY of our games! Register today for as many as you want and have fun!

To solidify our mission even more, each treasure hunt supports a deserving non-profit organization. Check out our "Contributions" page to see those we have chosen so far!
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