Congratulations on your lucky find! We appreciate the return of our rubies, as they're surprisingly hard to come by. We'll reward you with one free ruby for your time! 
WAIT! Don't return your rubies before redeeming them online by submitting the serial number. If you haven't done this, click here. You may only redeem these online to receive credit. You will be automatically returned to this page once you are finished redeeming them. If you have already redeemed your rubies, continue below. 
Simply copy the address below onto a letter-sized envelope or smaller (shorter than 5") and drop it in the mailbox with a piece of paper that states your name, email, and password. Or, drop it by our table when we appear at public events. See bottom left of home page for upcoming appearances. You will receive a confirmation email when we get the ruby.
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Compass Rose Treasure Hunts
PO Box 672
Higley, AZ 85236